The Power Of Using A Website For Your Business


On this podcast – we’re back with more Q&A!

This week – we’re answering these questions…

How important is a website?
I have no idea how to create a website. Where do I start and what’s the most affordable?

A few years ago, it seemed that having a website was the be all – end all and the only thing that anyone ever talked about. Then, over the past few years, people have started opting out of a website and instead relying solely on Instagram, Facebook, and email.
So, is a website really necessary?

Total honesty… YES. You absolutely need a website!

Really, what you need is a way to collect leads. Websites are important for blogs, galleries, and sales – and you can still link it to your Instagram and Facebook as well.

Google, the current alpha of the web, tracks and ranks websites. You can draw in a ton of traffic and leads JUST from search engines directing people to your site. This is something that you simply can’t do with social media alone.

Another thing to remember, if you put all your eggs in the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter basket – you are setting yourself up for failure. Algorithms change, platforms change, and audiences change. What’s popular today in the social media world, may be completely irrelevant by this time next year.

Grow that email list!

One of the most important keys to business growth is building your email list and connecting it with your website. These leads are people you do business with, people you want to do business with, and people that want to do business with you.

I can’t stress this enough – COLLECT EMAILS!! You can do this by creating opt-ins, using Click Funnels, and putting a sign-up form on your website. Additionally, make sure that you are asking all of your clients or potential clients for their email addresses as well.

So, I know it sounds scary, but building a website is NOT as complicated as it seems. There are easy to use and intuitive programs that can help you get your site up and running (for about $20.00 a month) within 48 hours.

To sum everything up-

Collect Emails
Build a website (Or have us build one for you)
Create “lead magnets” to gain more emails

You got this!

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