059 Nature’s Fell On Starting an Urban Lumber Brand in the Metro NYC Area


Located in North Central, New Jersey, Scott started Nature’s Fell with his stepbrother, Bob Snyder. With a background as a professional chef, Scott spent years in the foodservice industry. After Hurricane Sandy hit and wiped out the restaurant where he worked, Scott bought a sawmill, learned how to use it, and grew his hobby into a business. Back in 2012, with the hurricane destruction providing plenty of lumber, there was a huge learning curve on Scott’s end when it came to using the sawmill. Over the span of 6 months, they milled enough lumber that they needed a place to store it. After acquiring a storage space, equipment such as a kiln and other milling materials started filling out the shop.


For the last four years, Nature’s Fell has been working on tapping into the demand for slabs and unique pieces. Using word of mouth, Instagram, and other forms of social media they’ve grown the business quite a bit.




Along with being a sawmill business, Nature’s Fell also creates custom furniture such as wooden barn-style doors and other interesting items. When asked if he felt like his handle on the profession was solid, he responded with “ Woodwork is two parts knowledge and skill,  and one part fixing your mistakes!”


The company sees a  wide range of customer personalities such as residential, corporate locations, bulk sales, and individual furniture designs. Nature’s Fell prides themselves on the sustainability and uniqueness of their products.


Currently, they’re focusing on growing the business through social media, their webpage, and Google Adwords. Since starting the campaign the phone has started to ring even more, which is a good thing during the slower summer months. Also, they are currently fine-tuning their focus into live edge products and flooring.



With the current challenge being that Scott is the only operations employee, he struggles to find the right labor workers to help him with the loading and distribution of the logs. Hopefully, this will work itself out and he can stop pulling his marketing guru out of the office to help!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naturesfell/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naturesfell/

Website: https://naturesfell.com


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