058 Knock On Wood Custom On How He’s Growing His Business

How He Got His Start

Today, we’re talking to Justin Pruitt of Knock on Wood Custom. Justin came into the ownership of Knock on Wood by happenstance. It was four years ago that he met with an older gentleman to help him with some sawing work. It was at this moment that he fell in love with the work. Seeing the light in his eyes, the older man (and original owner) invited him back and started training him on the milling process. After some serious health issues came up for the man, he gave Justin the reins and lead in the business.

Passion For The Business

Justin started his career in construction, but running Knock on Wood is his true passion. From the customers to the work itself, he loves everything about it, especially the “organically unique” projects that they do. These are projects that can’t be reproduced because each and every slab is unique. Knowing this, Justin doesn’t look at other woodworkers and think of them as competition. He sees them as fellow craftsmen making their own unique projects.

Initially located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Justin got the business name out there by piggybacking off of his mentor’s great reputation and large client base. The business continued to grow when he branded Knock on Wood, and he started grinding even harder to produce beautiful materials.


The Customer Base

With a client base consisting largely of people who have been introduced to live edge wood through Pinterest and other media outlets, Justin tries to showcase their failures and their successes. He wants people to understand how the products actually develop. Continuing to educate their clients that places like Lowes and Home Depot won’t carry the same array of products that they do has been essential in getting the word out about the business.

Future Plans

Currently, they’re in the process of opening an online market for the purchasing of slabs. He’s hoping to put himself out there as the business that offers reasonably priced slabs that people can afford.

Links Mentioned

Instagram: @knockonwoodcustom

Facebook: www.facebook.com/knockonwoodcustom

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