051 Making a Viral Sawmill Video With Jarrod Rodgers



Still working a day job, Jarrod Rodgers considers himself an “extreme hobbyist”. Completely self-taught, Jarrod deals in woodworking, commision work,  and also chainsaw milling.

Chainsaw milling was something that Jarrod stumbled into almost by accident. When asked by a client for a “live edge” coffee table, Jarrod made his way to the local slab supplier. When they couldn’t meet the slab needs for the project, Jarrod decided to start producing his own.

A miller was born.


With a day job, Jarrod has to manage his time extremely well and limit the side projects that he takes on. Aside from this constant balancing act, living in a “tree desert” also creates more hurdles for Jarrod. It’s only through time spent on scouting areas, working with local tree services and wood shops, social media, and continuous networking with other millers, that he is able to source the wood that he needs to continue producing.


Jarrod Rodgers

Jarrod also has one of the highest viewed chainsaw milling clips online. Turns out, it was a video he almost didn’t make. After debating to himself, he decided to go ahead and film it. As the video posted to Youtube, he thought about what great exposure it would be if he could at least get 10,000 or so views.

However, after his 30-second video went viral (15,000,000 views), Jarrod was left speechless.

Not only did this video open business avenues for Jarrod, it’s also been key in creating awareness and interest in the chainsaw milling world. People now come to Jarrod on his Youtube channel to ask different questions about milling products and techniques, to which Jarrod happily responds, sometimes even telling the stories behind the products he’s created.


Future plans include growing his Youtube channel and Instagram while expanding his business. He also hopes to expand his storage space as he’s currently running out of room!

Jarrod also plans to continue using Youtube as a means to answer questions people have about the work he does and the products he uses.

Using social media as a way to connect with people, while also giving them a glimpse into the milling world, is something that he enjoys and hopes to continue.

Jarrod Rodgers


Instagram- @secondlifedesign


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