050 Jennifer Alger on Joining The Urban Lumber Movement

Jennifer Alger on Joining the Urban Lumber Movement

In an effort to save our natural resources and cut down on waste, Jennifer Alger started the Urban Lumber Network. The Network is a coalition formed by people who share the same idea of not wanting to see the wood and natural resources that we have current access to be chipped or sent to a landfill, while we still continue to import other wood from overseas.


People in the Urban Lumber network include landowners with wooded acres, sawmill owners who repurpose the trees, woodworkers who turn the wood into pieces of art, and laborers who can take part in the process of removing and breaking down the trees.


As part of the “Urban Tree Rescue Program”, Urban Lumber uses any wood not harvested for their timber value (such as “beetle kill salvage”), repurposes it, and then markets it to the American consumer- all while maintaining the philosophy that not only is wood one of the greenest options that you can choose, but every time we can save a natural resource from being wasted, we’re helping the environment.


Not only does Jennifer’s Urban Lumber Network help the environment, it also helps her fellow timber industry workers to network, and by extension, grow their business. Through networking, Jennifer also advises people that are interested in starting a woodworking business. She takes the time to walk them through the steps that they can take, as well as connecting them with people who can help them along the way.


In response to Jennifer’s inspired work, the Sawmill Business Community has joined forces with the Urban Lumber Network and organized a summit. This summit will mainly focus on educating people about marketing techniques for their wood business, the various types of kiln drying processes, and money saving ideas on those processes. Also present will be speaker Sam Sherrill, author of Urban Harvesting Timber, a leader and expert in the urban lumber industry.

Website: urbansalvagedwoods.com

Website: urbanlumbernetwork.com

Tickets for the Urban Lumber Summit: urbanlumbersummit.com



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