037 Create a Thriving Wood Product Business Online with Lumber Lust Designs


Ryan Walsh started lumber lust designs about 2 years ago. His background is in media and marketing and his other business was going through some economic changes due to technology and political climate.

He had been doing woodwork as a hobby for his home and when his son was about to be born, he and his wife decided to replace all their furniture with those that were more vintage style. He self-taught wood finishing and restoration for anything that needed some changes. That is how Lumber Lust design was born.

He incredibly improved his skills and most of his orders are now custom orders furniture pieces and installations according to the customer’s needs and style. However, his business style is more of the West Coast vibe combined with a rustic wooden element with the modern geometric modern framework.


When you start a business everyone wants to see what your style is. At first, Ryan and his wife built up a lot of inventory just to get exposure and to let people see their style and quality. In the first one and a half year of business, they were featured 4 times in different magazines. They then sold them on Etsy, on their website, Amazon, and boutiques. Currently, they work with custom-commissioned pieces where the customers dictate the size, design, and color of the furniture. They also design furniture according to what sells more and limiting it to a timeless look where they won’t go out of style in a few years.

They started off as an Instagram brand, therefore, it is their main source of marketing. Ryan’s background in media and marketing and also as a commercial photographer has helped them produce amazing online content and studio images for the website and for apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz etc. Also, they do postcard mailers reaching out to existing clients as well as networking with folks around their community that understand their mission with reclaimed wood.


They’re looking to reach more customers outside the Phoenix area. It was easy for them to ship smaller items to other states but the big hurdle was when they had to ship huge and heavy furniture. After intensively searching for a shipping company they could talk to one on one, they recently teamed up with a local transport service which will enable them to ship large items. They successfully transported a large coffee table to Kansas and he believes this has opened the door for more outside Phoenix deliveries.

Website: Lumberlust-designs.com


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