032 Partnering up for Sawmill Business Success with Danny Torres of Deadwood Revival

For episode 032, our guest is Danny Torres of Deadwood Revival Design.


Danny Torres turned an interest into a true passion called Deadwood Revival Design.  It is a testing, wood, and steel fabrication outfit out of San Luis Obispo, CA, serving customers for a year and a half.  While talking with a guy he met, Danny discovered that this man had a Granberg Mill with plans to learn how to cut, so that he could start his own woodworking business. Danny was inspired and committed to buying his own his own Granberg Mill, though he didn’t have any experience in woodworking.

It wasn’t until he met Scott Romain that things started falling into place of what would eventually become Deadwood Revival Designs.  Danny knew people who work to combat forest fires, which exposed him to the problems the country has with big fires.  During his off time, he put down some hazard trees and realized that they could be utilized and converted into lumber.  His interest in woodworking began to grow.


Initially, Scott was Danny’s original partner, until he introduced Danny to his current partner Pepe (Steel Fabricator) and Deadwood Revival Design was born.  They got their first project by way of Scott & Pepe’s architecture school professor.  Their former professor had put in the designed for a coffee shop called Contraband and recommended the team for the job.  A bid was placed and the emerging company won the bid.  


Both partners still have day jobs, but find time to push their passion and work long hours on Deadwood Revival Designs projects.  Growth will allow them more freedom in the process by being able to hire some people to take items off of their plate.  Danny believes in continuing his education and is taking a welding class at night to be of more service to his business.  He is putting his all into it – along with Pepe.


Deadwood Revival is strictly run off of the Granberg Mill.  The feeling is that Granberg definitely makes things more user-friendly.  It is very easy to work with, everything works seamlessly with each other.  It is a very accurate mill.  The team is not in a position to be stationary.  It is all about mobility for them.


Danny and Pepe are looking to get more into marketing.  Right now, everything is produced to order.  Deadwood Revival is using their website and social media to promote. They are looking to grow beyond word-of-mouth by going into the community and being present at more local events.

They are also partnering with the American Forest and the National Forest Foundation to plant new trees from their proceeds.  For every dollar they give, a new tree is planted.  They are committed to having their customers be a part of the entire story of what is being created with the lumber.

Photos are taking every step in the process and is shared with the customer to create a full experience.  They love the idea of a customer bringing more nature inside and in doing so, each sale gives life to a new tree.

Instagram: @deadwoodrevival

Website: http://deadwoodrevivaldesign.com/

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