022 Vinny Walsh of Walsh Woodworks on the Power of the Chainsaw MIll

On today’s show, we get to know Vinny Walsh of Walsh Woodworks. Vinny is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Vinny started Walsh Woodworks in 2016. He wanted to return to his upbringing working on the sawmill.

In this podcast we will learn

  • How Vinny Walsh set up his sawmill business after 18 years working in the film industry
  • What Vinny loves about working with wood
  • How Granberg tools compliment and enhance his work

How And Why Vinny Walsh Set Up Walsh Woodworks

Vinny’s father was a carpenter and a young 8 year old Vinny would work with him during the summer. Vinny spent 18 years in the film industry working as a lighting technician before setting up Walsh Woodworks  in his home town, Michigan back in 2016. He was shocked at the cost of lumber board when he went to buy maple Boards from a local supplier for a picture frame project. This inspired Vinny to source his material from scratch and cut it himself.

What Inspires Vinny Walsh?

Vinny gets inspired by the entire process of sourcing wood from trees and cutting slabs, not knowing how the end results will come out or what customers will use his slabs for. He takes pride in rescuing logs from simply being thrown in landfills and giving them a purpose as opposed to being nothing but waste or firewood.

What Does Chainsaw Milling Mean To Vinny?

Vinny enjoys the instant gratification of selecting trees and identifying the potential contained therein. This combined with the ability to cut lumber in a very short time in pretty much any location without difficulty are the positives of chainsaw milling Vinny appreciates.

Why Vinny Chose A Granberg Over Many Other Brands

A process of elimination through viewing other products on social media that didn’t quite match up to Vinny’s requirements brought him round to the benefits of using a Granberg sawmill such as it’s ease of use and lightness in comparison to other similar products. The consensus of positive online reviews convinced Vinny to invest in Granberg.    

The Value Vinny Walsh Gets From Granberg Tools

Vinny values the reputation and prestigious history of Granberg. He knows he can rely on them to resolve any possible issues that may arise.

Goals And Aspirations

Vinny cites his goal to make his business a self sustaining one that allows him to work with his hands for the rest of his life

Challenges And Obstacles

Vinny realizes a need to expand in terms of storage space and is currently working on this.

How Granberg Tools Create Value For Walsh Woodworks

Granberg tools help Vinny through enabling him to source timber, turning it into lumber, selling that lumber on or conserving it for future projects.

How Granberg Can Support Vinny’s Business Goals

Vinny would like to be able to contact Granberg should he need any kind of modifications and send them his saw for bespoke customizations. He also believes a fast turnaround in repairs to his sawmill would be a good feature.     

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