008 Interview with Ted Alexander of Ted Alexander Makes


We had the chance to talk with Ted Alexander. I discovered him on Instagram and found out that he has a pretty prolific Youtube following with over 5000 subscribers. He talks about how he just got into woodworking, sawmill business, and his biggest mistake so far that set his business back.

Why I love sycamore. And throw in spalting for a kicker. #oklahomalumber #millityourself #woodmizer

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Some pretty awesome sycamore. Spalted and live edge. Milled to 8/4. Not punky either.

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One thought on “008 Interview with Ted Alexander of Ted Alexander Makes

  1. Ted is a good friend of mine and great example of the hard working american spirit – I know he works hard on his milling, but most of all, has fun doing it – it’s that fun that drives the passion for producing lumber – enjoy what you do and the rest will happen – great interview guys!!

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